I work with, and support, organisations responsible for helping to grow local economies – with strategic advice, strategy development and review, policy analysis, delivery models, action plans, resources, collaborative tools and techniques, effective network building and new thinking.

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I help build and grow start-up and entrepreneur communities by linking and leveraging ideas, people, opportunities and resources –  through mapping, incubation, acceleration, network growth and enhancement, peer learning facilitation, founder support, resources and strategic advice.

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I help teachers, schools, polytechnics, universities and careers teams to empower young people and the not-so-young in a new world of work where entrepreneurial skills matter – through tailored courseware, program design and the delivery of short courses, workshops and boot camps on entrepreneurship.

Paul Collits


I am an economic development strategist, civic entrepreneur, ideas gardener, writer, public speaker, business mentor, old school contrarian, poet, blogger, expert on regions, enthusiast for the start-up economy, fearless political analyst and global content provider.

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